With a digital camera you can point-and-shoot. With a pinhole camera you need to point-and-think! Pinhole photography can teach you a lot about how to use a digital camera of any kind, including your iPhone. Pinhole photography can be a creativity tool, even if you never use a pinhole camera. Please read the blog to find out how a pinhole camera can help you. For those who don’t know much about a pinhole camera here’s one. It’s basically a wooden box with a pinhole on one side and film on the other.


Here’s the first picture I took with this pinhole camera. Remember, there’s no lens and no battery.

small garage with pinhole camera

Incidentally, my wife’s point-and-shoot digital camera comes with a 216 page manual. The directions that came with the pinhole camera comes to a total of 6 sentences!

1. Attach your filmholder to the back of the camera.
2. Block the lens with your finger.
3. Remove the darkslide from your filmholder.
4. Remove your finger from the lens.
5. Wait for the proper exposure time.
6. Block the lens again with your finger and replace the darkslide.

Pinhole photography is fascinating. Ways that it can help make you more creative are even more fascinating. Read on. Please.